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Feeling overwhelmed and trapped by the chaos in your life? Regain control of your business and your life through our mPowered Success Path to Peak Performance Program.

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Rediscover Your “Why”

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About mPowered Success

The mPowered Success Path to Peak Performance Program is an online training business accelerator that will help take you and your business to the next level. By joining and committing to investing in working ON your business not just IN your business, you will drastically reduce the chaos and overwhelm that comes with juggling your business and your busy life. Rediscover your inspiration, regain your clarity & confidence, and reach new heights of profitability and fulfillment. Click the link to join and reach the success other business owners just like you already have. We will address the seven most common business ownership pain points and teach you practical, effective, and most importantly – actionable resolutions for each. Join now to get started on your Path to Peak Sucess!

What Our Clients Are Saying

This program has helped my business with fine tuning, networking, and attracting new clients. They’ve helped identify ways to move the business forward, stay in front of branding and marketing, and tools for accountability.”

Daniel T.

The program helped me put in place structure that didn’t exist before. They helped identify ways the business can grow and with operational procedures like building a team, delegating, and purchasing. They’ve made me feel like I can breathe again.

Leah W.

We had a mentoring relationship that helped us survive COVID. They helped us with everything from seeking financial resources and cutting costs to networking, increasing community outreach, and even renovating and reorganizing the shop for maximum efficiency.

Erin J.

About Us

mPoweredSuccess is brought to you by MindSalt.  Mindsalt is a business consulting firm led by Ann Thompson and David Deaton that advances businesses  and our communities for the better through sound strategy and effective execution. We specialize in guiding organizations and professionals experiencing challenging scenarios through the necessary transformations to achieve success.

Meet Your Instructors

Ann Thompson

Ann Thompson

Co-Leader and Client Partner

Ann is an industrial engineer and Certified Productive Environment Specialist™ who has been helping organizations streamline operations and maximize profitability for over 20 years. She is a Six Sigma certified Quality Blackbelt with expertise in cutting costs, increasing productivity, and improving service delivery. She specializes in guiding business leaders through operational transformations to drive bottom‐line financial gains, increase productivity, and gain peace of mind.

David Deaton

David Deaton

Co-Leader and Client Partner

David has spent more than two decades transforming organizations through strategic planning, market research, and effective execution. He has helped growing companies define their direction, partnered with nonprofits to establish their missions and organizational designs, and advised startups in harnessing their energy and innovation for success. David worked in Hong Kong for four years and has counseled organizations worldwide in strategic planning.